Candidatura: Azienda agricola De Lucia

DE LUCIA VINCENZO’S FARM and the practice of sustainable agriculture for the development of gastronomic tourism while protecting agriculture and unique food chains through responsible consumption and production.

Life in the world depends on three main resources: food, water and energy. The vulnerabilities of these fundamental resources are increasingly numerous and the global demand for energy and water resources is set to increase by 40% in the next 20 years alone. That is why major changes are needed, a crucial role is played by agriculture.

Because in the global context, agriculture is the meeting point between problems and solutions. Agriculture creates food resources but consumes large water resources, needs soil and can give life to the so-called bio-energies.

For this reason, in its own small way, the De Lucia Vincenzo’s Farm has focused and invested in the development of sustainable agriculture to:

1. ensure substantial water savings

2. decrease the number of harmful emissions into the air and the amount of reactive nitrogen given by chemical fertilizers currently used by the agri-food industry

3. make more responsible use of resources

4. contribute to the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity

Responsabile progetto: Anna Maria De Lucia – SKAL Napoli