Skal Roma Academy – English P.R.

Dear Skalleagues,

I’m proud to announce the creation of the first Skal Academy.

SKÅL ACADEMY is an innovative and challenging project that proposes to be a training Lab born to detect training needs of the SKAL members, both young and senior, and to deliver specific courses to promote career enhancement and get all members updated on new technological, commercial and methodological innovations.

The main goals are:

  1. Acquiring the latest trends and skills for the market.
  2. Obtaining privileged channels to work on new projects within the association
  3. Building a stronger professional network between associates

It is created also to promote study visits, exchanges of trainers and stagers and to make stronger the collaboration with twin SKÅL clubs.

SKÅL ACADEMY is a new format to improve the associate’s knowledge through learning sessions to which any member can apply and participate both as teachers or as students to stay in contact with the rapidly evolving world of Tourism with different topics for each session.
There will be Training Days, starting from next September, that want to guarantee the highest of professional training focused on the national and international regulations, technology development and technical training to enhance performance and returns of their activities which are essential skills that all the professionals need to acquire.

The characteristic of the Academy is that the teachers are professionals and entrepreneurs of tourism, members of the Skal Roma, according to Our motto “ The experience at the service of skalleagues”

Mrs. Cristina Ciferri and Mr. Tito Livio Mongelli, experts in Education, are the councilors in charge for the creation and management of the SKÅL ACADEMY of Rome in cooperation with Alessandra Bertuzzi chairperson of Young Skal

I will be organized through Workshops where members can sign up and participate both as teachers and students to stay in touch with the fast-evolving world of Tourism with different topics in each session.

It’s a very important step towards providing the associates with more “opportunities of networking” and giving Young associates the maximum support to possibly finding jobs in tourism sectors through chances of jobs and internships in Italy and abroad

SKÅL ACADEMY will also connect the association to Universities and Professional Schools to create stronger relationships.

It’s an ambitious project but Skal International Rome is not new to these challenges.

Dear Skalleagues, II’mat your disposal to study the best synergies between us for the success of the initiative

A triple Skal


Prof. Antonio Percario




Source: Comunicati stampa Roma